Summer in the Kitchen

I love Summer! I love summer vegetables and cooking on the grill! There’s something about summer that makes it more fun to cook!   I think because it feels more relaxed ‚Ķ Eating outside and not having as many activities to go to with kids. 

What are some of your lighter fare dishes you love to whip up when the weather is hot?    Grilled shrimp, grilled chicken, chopped salads and corn on the cob and fresh tomatoes and cucumbers are some of mine!   I love a chilled gazpacho soup too!   Let’s share some favorites!

The Flower Bloom

I love summer flowers… Bright, beautiful flowers that say “welcome”!   Every year I seek out geraniums….either pink or red, but I do stick with one color theme each year!    

I always plant tall ornamental grass, variegated (two-tone)  Vinca and geraniums in one pot so that you get height, a vine that travels and a pop of color!  

Don’t forget to feed your potted plants with Miracle Grow once a week.   It does help a ton!

Also, be sure to get a water absorbing material like Aqua Feed to add to your soil.  and hot summer months, that extra water will save you and your plants ūüôā

Happy summer!

Cool Dresses for Summer 

Dresses are EASY for summer! ¬† Whether you work outside the home or not…. dresses are a fantastic staple for your summer wardrobe! ¬†They can literally be dressed up or dressed down with your accessory choices! ¬† Shown here with eSBe Designs Jewelry and you get a WOW look! ¬† Add a black handbag and heels¬†and you’re ready for anything from work to dinner out! ¬†You can even add a little black jacket for a more professional look at the office!

Simplify the look for a summer picnic and wear cute sandals and casual handbag and this dress takes you everywhere you want to be!

Talk to a stylists or go shopping with a girlfriend you trust to figure out the most flattering cut for your figure! ¬†Once you do that, you’ll feel more comfortable and save time when shopping for dresses to add to your wardrobe!

Have fun getting “dressed” for summer!


*Shown: eSBe Designs Sable collection Black onyx necklace, earrings ring and bracelet and Legato Collection Hematite necklace.

Save Money while Booking your Summer Travel!


I don’t have a lot of time for garage sales and cutting coupons ¬†BUT….. I do pay attention to good deals and DO try to save money whenever I can!

I just thought I would share a few of my favorite ways to save¬†extra money this summer that COULD turn into some vacation money…. some extra spending money… or just to save!

We travel all year round with dance competitions for my daughter.. so I’m always making hotel reservastions. ¬† If your kid does any travel sport, you are doing the same! ¬† Follow the link below… and JOIN eBates.

THEN, go to the HOTELS.COM link within the site and book your hotels.

Screenshot 2015-06-05 08.02.22¬†gives you a free night after you’ve used their site for 10 nights of stays in hotels… and

EBATES gives you a rebate on your reservation. ¬† Combine all that with using your rewards Credit card to get cash back, airline miles or whatever, ¬†and you’re getting a better deal!

STAY tuned for MORE ways to find extra money this summer!