Let’s GO!

Years ago, I would pack large! It was a challenge to keep my bags under 50 pounds but as airlines started becoming more strict and started charging for bags I figured I had better pack lighter. It can be quite a challenge when you want to pack lots of options! A few years ago, our family travelled to Italy and my husband put a lot of pressure on every family member to only bring a carry on. EEEK! I knew why though… and it made sense but traveling between cities would be miserable carrying big bags…. So, I packed in packing cubes and with a carry on and a back pack I was able to pack for 10 days!

I rolled my clothes so I could see them.. and I packed maybe 3-4 pair of pants and lots of tops for options… stuffed underwear and socks inside of shoes to help save room and help them keep their shape. Toiletries and more shoes in the backpack and I was in perfect shape… and even had a little extra room to pack a few goodies I picked up along the way! Jewelry also could dress up or dress down any outfit so I packed a few collections to layer and change up outfits! I was so pleased with myself!

As you pack for your next trip, I’ll challenge you to pack light and tell me how you like those packing cubes and any other packing tips you have!