Happy Mother’s Day!



So this Mother’s day is a little hard for me…. Mom passed away about a year and a half ago… kind of suddenly…   I’m not going to dwell on that though… I want  to just say how thankful I am that we got to spend time together until she was almost 81!  This photo was taken at her 80th birthday party!  So, so glad we planned this for her!    I’m so glad we traveled together… so glad we were lucky enough to have her in our lives while my children were old enough to know her….

For those of you who don’t have your moms around anymore…. I feel your loss!  It’s a club you don’t want to belong to.  I truly believe our mom’s are looking over us!

For those of you who still have your mom, even if she annoys you sometimes, tell her you love her every day.. because the next day, could be the last.

Not all moms are perfect… but they do the best they can.   I hope your mom is perfect…. but in case she isn’t…. KNOW that she loves you!    A mother’s love is unconditional… and hindsight is 20/20.   I wish I knew the things I know now.. but isn’t that always the case…

So all this to say…. I hope you have a VERY happy Mother’s day celebrating YOU, your mother, your mother in law…. and ANY woman who has been LIKE A MOM to you!

The bottom line is “it takes a village” and moms have had a great influence over who we are and who we have become.   Be thankful for what you have learned from that “mom figure” and have made you who you are today!

Happy Mother’s Day!



MOM Rocks!

It’s almost Mother’s day!   Have you thought about what to get her this year?  Think about a special piece of Jewelry you own…. whether a wedding band or a necklace from your grandmother…. a special piece of jewelry elicits thoughts  of the person who gave it to you every time you put it on!

Sure, gift cards are easy… but investing  just a few minutes to select something special you know she’ll love will be treasured for a lifetime!  Check out this 2 minute video for some ideas!




The Jewelry Box

The Jewelry Box

This will be my 2nd Mother’s day without my mom…. and I miss her terribly.   As a mom myself, there’s such a joy in getting a thoughtful card, a thoughtful gift and simply being treated special on Mother’s Day!
After all…. Mom’s sacrifice quite a lot to have these babies… bodies that don’t quite go back the way they were…. sleepless nights… doing things for their kids instead of themselves… It’s truly a selfless job!
If you have a few minutes, you may appreciate this video link below!
Anyway… when my mother passed away, and we were sorting thru her things, ONE of the things that I really loved keeping was her jewelry.   I could not and didn’t want to wear her clothes or her shoes….sometimes keeping large bulky things like furniture is a problem.. but wearing something like a ring or necklace that my mom wore is special.   It’s something that fits just about everyone.
Keeping “the good stuff” was also in consideration… minus a few costume things that were memorable.    I have to say that these nicer pieces became valuable to me…. and they don’t take up a lot of storage.
Don’t discount the quality jewelry gift to your mom…. or how it will come back to you one day.    There are many memories to be passed down that while will be in a jewelry box and worn occasionally or everyday… WONT be in a box in the attic to only be looked at every 5 years or less.
I know you know I sell designer jewelry… but I had to tell you about my own personal experience… that I loved going thru my mom’s jewelry box and keeping special treasures that she wore or I had given her or made her over the years.   What a gift!