Fun Getting Fit!

So what are you doing to get some FUN into your work out?    I think I may have to play this song super loud and have some FUN on that treadmill!!!  Although I could fall down and hurt myself…. but it sure does look like fun!

Summer is right around the corner… What songs are on your play list for your run, walk or bike ride?

I read an article and it TOTALLY makes it more fun to do this…. I do it to “shake it up” a bit.  It’s all about INTERVALS!

Try walking for 5 minutes and doing a run for 1 minute…..( for 30 minutes or more)   It varies the work out and gives you some GREAT cardiovascular!  It also helps the BOREDOM factor!

Do 10-10-10 – 10 minutes of walking, 10 minutes of running and then 10 minutes of walking again.

OR if you are walking to the TV – RUN during commercials! Pick up the pace!  It will keep your mind off of the task!

Let’s have fun getting in shape!

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